​Mooyah Burgers

Mooyah Burgers

A wise man once said, “Do one thing well.” The problem is, we couldn’t choose between burgers, fries and shakes. So, we said, “Forget that guy.” Besides who is he anyway? He sure doesn’t sound wise. Can he even cook? The guy probably eats tofu.

MOOYAH was born in Texas with the mission to deliver the best Burger & Fry experience ever and to have fun doing it. That’s it. We want to make the best burger you’ve ever tasted. Period.

To achieve this, we only serve American Angus Beef, top-quality chicken breast and a delicious Black Bean Veggie Burger. Buns are baked fresh daily in-house and burgers can be topped with traditional artisan cheeses. Finish it off with a well-crafted 100% real ice cream shake to order.

We’re also the first MOOYAH food truck concept worldwide, and the only one that never closes!

So, come try the burger named the Best Burger in the UAE by The Virgin Radio Dubai 104.4.


11:00 AM – 2:00 AM