Mr Brisket

Mr Brisket

Mr. Brisket food truck has joined Last Exit Al Khawaneej family!

Mr.Brisket Is an organic eatery, where burgers and smoked brisket are made and served with a touch of alchemy, where love is a main ingredient in all what we cook. Mr.Brisket “AKA” MBK has travelled the world gathering organic ingredients to bring real fine food for the ones he love “the world”. He has a mission “To elevate the industry of fast food, by serving fine food however for ALL.” Whether he’s cooking from his food truck or from his eatery, he’s always cooking as if he was feeding his own family.

At Mr. Brisket you can enjoy a range of Organic Sliders, Fries, Shakes, Juices, Hot & Cold Drinks and Desserts. But let’s first start with our famous “Brisket Sliders” & “Brisket Fries”. Brisket is a prime-cut that comes from the lower chest of the cow, which gives it the crown when it comes to tenderness and juiciness. We use different types of real natural wood to smoke our Grass-fed ORGANIC Brisket, for at least 12 hours! which comes out profoundly flavorful and moist with a rich and Smokey crust,

We also serve a range of delicious sliders likes Sultan (for Jalapeno lovers), Organic Chicken fried to perfection and our original grilled Classic Sliders. Each has its own unique taste that will fully satisfy your taste buds! Also, you can enjoy our hand cut, made to order fries with different toppings like smoked brisket, our famous classic sauce or melted cheese. And lastly, a good meal should always end with a good dessert, so you definitely have to try our Japanese Ice Cream which we serve in two flavors Nutella and Lotus.

Our food truck is located at Drive Through Lane #6. Come and indulge your scenes with our Organic burgers and smoked brisket. See you soon…


11:00 AM – 4:00 AM