Il ​Caffe Di Roma

Il Caffe Di Roma

Tasting an espresso at Il Café De Roma is a ritual to savour, and one that is celebrated in over 80 countries worldwide: from the classic and familiar ambiance, with its warm and natural colours, to the unique and unmistakable aroma of authentic Italian coffee created by Lavazza.

Now. Take that idea and put it into a gourmet truck park and you’ll get a feel for our Il Café De Roma outlet at Last Exit, where you’ll find us brewing beverages made by one of the largest coffee enterprises in the world in a place where elegance meets tradition to create a cosy and relaxing atmosphere.

Our cafés have been celebrated since 1994 when they were recognised for creating the ideal modern environment for old-style cafes to continue serving up the best Italian coffee traditions in the quintessential place to meet and connect.

While we may have been taken over by Italian multinational group Lavazza (found in 1895 and now the world’s fifth coffee roaster and the leading roaster in Italy) in 1999, very little has changed, except perhaps the fact that you can now buy Lavazza products to prepare your coffee at home at our coffee houses (trucks).

But, we’ll leave that decision up to you.


Weekday: 24/7
Weekend: 24/7