On an old stone-paved street, where the sun warmed the gravel, carts lined up to serve traditional Arabic food. In the middle of hawkers and aromas that remind us of our grandmother’s recipes, a street-seller served pitas packed with crunchy hot falafels, generously drizzled with tahini sauce and a punchy salad – artfully layered and stuffed.

For generations, this authentic food brought people together – through flavours everyone remembers. Before hummus turned pink; before falafel lost their crunchy soul, and before shawarma were served with BBQ sauce or mango chutney.

Operation:Falafel is a 21st century take on this casual Arabic Street Food dining. Enjoy the signature falafel alongside a selection of traditional Arabic dishes, such as delicious hummus, tangy fattoush, chicken & beef shawarma roasted to perfection, and a selection of manaeesh. The perfect location for breakfast, lunch, light snacks or dinner!


Weekday: 12 PM – 10 PM
Weekend: 12 PM – 10 PM